Going back to school...
Since my first attempt at a career was a failure, I've decided to go back to school. I start in January, and will have a Medical Assistant A.A.S. degree by the end of 2015. I am excited to be finally doing something again!!!

A Memory of Light ***SPOILERS***
I just finished AMOL about 30 minutes ago. Words fail me, they truly do. Yet I feel the need to find the right words, much as Thom was doing.

I've been reading WoT for 12 years. Not as long as some of you, true. But it helped to shape me, make me into who I am today. I felt such sadness that it was ending, that there would never be another Wheel of Time book. But then, there are no true endings, are there?

For everyone who died, I cried. Having grown up with these characters, these friends, every death was painful (yes, even Gawyn's.) The only part I didn't like was Siuan's death, the way that it happened "off-camera", so to speak. I feel that she deserved a better ending than she got, but I also feel that she wouldn't have wanted her death to be distracting, somehow. And of course, Gareth charging the Trollocs in full battle mode was a fitting end for him.

Bela. So she wasn't the Dark One, but she survived to carry Olver when he needed it. And of course Olver would be the Hornsounder; very fitting.

Faile not dying was good. I know many have hated her, and while I never loved her, the hurt that would have caused Perrin would have been too much.

Egwene's death, while sad, was perfect. The Amyrlin's Flame, turns the Shadow to Crystal. Beautiful.

I can't begin to express how glad I am that Lan survived. Not only survived, but killed Demandred! Perfect. Tai'shar Malkier!

Mat, Fortuona, Min, Aviendha, Elayne, Birgitte...I think they all were wonderful in this. So glad we have a name for Min's Talent now! I wish that we somehow could see Mat's child, and Elayne's, and Avi's (because I'm sure she's pregnant), see them grow up, and become the next generation of awesome...but I think that's probably best left to us, isn't it? Us, the generation of people who read the Wheel of Time, will never let it end. We, the fans, will keep it alive, introducing it to our children, who will grow up with it, and get to ask (for a while) "But what happens next??" with eyes of wonder and souls of adventure.

For a while.

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain.

Towers of Midnight
ToM is, I think, my favorite WoT novel. Mat's adventures with the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn remain one of my favorite parts of all of WoT. This whole novel is well done, and contains some stunning revelations, hints, and nuances.

Also, ToM contains my favorite scene in Perrin's entire story arc so far: the forging of his hammer. The first power-wrought weapon since the Age of Legends. Heck yes!

And we also have Aviendha's trip to be a Wise One, where we find out What Happens after the Last Battle to her kids. So, is she pregnant right now? Methinks yes.

RIP Jain. May the Light shelter you.

The Gathering Storm
Now, I know that a lot of people were less than thrilled with Brandon Sanderson's writing in TGS and TOM (and probably AMOL, but I haven't gotten there yet.). But personally, I find his taking over the helm of WoT to be excellent. Maybe here and there he could have done something a bit different, but overall, his interpretation of RJ's writing style is fantastic.

TGS is a wonderful novel, and I think my favorite parts are Egwene's. She has the best moments of badassery in the whole book I think, closely followed by Verin and her revelations. Sneaky Verin is sneaky, it is known, now and for all time!

Rand's gone off the deep end, and Elaida deserves her fate I think.

I have been reading Leigh Butler's re-read of WoT as I've been doing my re-read, and I'm gonna predict the end of WoT right now: I think at the end, channeling will disappear, and the new "Age of Legends" is gonna be, well, us. I think Rand is going to be a Jesus figure, die, rise, etc. etc. If I'm right, and it is done well, I won't be disappointed. But I just have the feeling, more and more, that is where WoT is headed in AMOL. Shall be starting TOM on Monday, and will have my hands on a copy of AMOL from the library sometime before March 19.

Knife of Dreams
Really not into blogging about this book right now. It was awesome, but due to RL things...yeah, not blogging much.

Rand lost his left hand here tho, something I always forget about. And Mat and Tuon are now officially married.

Crossroads of Twilight
Ok, Tuon and Mat. Wow. So...he's going to marry a Seanchan. Ew. In other news...Tylin was killed by the gholam.

Noal ends up being a favorite of mine, but here he's still pretty much in the background. Fascinating nonetheless.

Frickin' Seanchan. Seriously. Can you be any more whiny and irritating?

Anath being Semirhage still blows my mind, since I never realized that before. (I'm rambling but oh well.)

The storyline of Doom continues with Perrin searching for Faile. And dealing with Berelain, Aram, and Masema all at once. Eesh.

Sneaky Verin is sneaky. And kinda cool despite everything.

Shaido stupidity. And nastiness. And severe lack of ji.

Shall leave you with this, since my ramblings are such randomness this time.

We rode on the winds of the rising storm,
We ran to the sounds of the thunder.
We danced among the lightning bolts,
And tore the world asunder.

Winter's Heart
From Winter's Heart onwards, I don't remember the events as well, because I've read these ones the least. I enjoyed WH very much due to that fact. Elayne, Min, and Aviendha bonded Rand, and Elayne is now pregnant with Rand's babies. Mat is Mat, and still my favorite. And, the most momentous event....the male half of the Source is clean. And of course, Dashiva was actually Osan'gar, and is now quite dead. Cadsuane may be quite nasty, but she is quite an interesting character, for the most part. Far Madding is an interesting place, what with their peacebonding and their strange ter'angreal.

Onwards, to Crossroads of Twilight!

The Path of Daggers
For some reason, I never enjoy this book as much as any of the others. A lot of fascinating and important things happen, yes. Is the writing different? No. It's just....not as enjoyable. Too much Perrin I think. And Dashiva tries to kill Rand, fascinating story arc there. Egwene starts to get all her power on. And then at the end, Faile gets captured by the Shaido, and then we have that whole crappy arc to deal with. Maybe that's why, cus I don't like that whole thing....Oh well, to Winter's Heart we go!

A Crown of Swords
And another one's gone, another one's gone, another one bites the dust....So ends Sammael of Illian. Rand is crowned the King of Illian, with the crown of swords.

Favorite part of this has to be Nynaeve and Lan finally getting married. "Whoever commands in public obeys in private." Delicious.

Bloody buttered onions, best swear ever.

Min and Rand are an official thing now, and we finally get to meet Cadsuane Sedai. I will be most upset if she turns out to be Black Ajah, I rather like her.

Master of the lightnings, rider on the storm,
wearer of a crown of swords, spinner-out of fate.
Who thinks he turns the Wheel of Time,
may learn the truth too late.

Lord of Chaos
Just reading the chapter title "Dumai's Wells" gives me goosebumps and shivers. It's that powerful of a scene. One of my favorite parts of this WoT novel is Perrin meeting Faile's parents. Never fails to make me laugh. Sulin as a servant makes me mad, I don't think speaking to gai'shain as Far Dareis Mai should have carried such a harsh penalty.

Hmmm...Loial, as always, a favorite. Her ears? Really Loial?

Mat, always a favorite too, with Elayne and Nynaeve in Ebou Dar, we know where that's headed, a good part of his story arc.

And the best part of LoC....Egwene al'Vere, the Amyrlin Seat. Was completely stunned the first time I read this. But it does make sense, even if it does make you sit down and go "Huh?" at first. A simple girl from a small village, who just thought she'd be the village Wisdom, is now one of the most powerful women in Randland. Oh, you Two Rivers people, you do come far.

Next up, A Crown of Swords! Sounds painful.


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